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Stephanie Smart


Glass Art


Stained-Glass - Leaded


Stained-glass - Applique

"A symbolic interpretation of the interaction of the inner and outer world lies at the heart of my work. My practise as an artist has always been grounded in a spiritual search; that is, an overpowering curiosity regarding the juxtaposition of surface appearance and what lies beyond, behind, beneath it. The novelist Marcel Proust described the “True Artist” as a visual philosopher. I believe that philosophy, art and religion all, in their various ways, seek to perfect the ‘Art of Looking;’ that is, looking so deeply at that which is external and/or internal to oneself that eventually you start to see through and beyond it. To this end the nature of translucency has always appealed to me, both as a material quality and in terms of the state of ones psyche or spiritual awareness. We are all translucent, to a greater or lesser degree, to both the subtle, unseen and the heard, seen, recognized influences of our environment."


- Stephanie Smart

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Glass Sculpture




and mixed media


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