For the fact that this project got underway I owe a huge debt of gratitude to both my corporate sponsors:

and my individual crowdfund fund pledgers:


Richard Burrows

Finola and Jon Hepworth

Donna Christman
Julie Wright

George Theonas

Ray Sullivan

Lawrence Ansell -

Jamie Smart

Gaye Smart

I have valued immensely the generosity of all the residents of Danny House, as regards their willingness to welcome me into their apartments and to sit and share stories from their lives with me, and/or to get involved in the processes of making.

Particular thanks go to:

Joanna Bastin

Peter Van Zeller

Oz Cottam-Moss

Morgan Kenney

Barbara Parsons

Kenneth Parsons

Elizabeth Aleson

Pat Wolfston

and to the current owner of Danny House, Mr Richard Burrows, for his willingness to embrace the idea of having me work as Artist-in-Residence in his home. But I would also like to thank Danny and everyone who works/lives at Danny House.


Thanks is also due to:

Ray Sullivan for his beautiful documentation of this collection, in photographs and film (and for his personal support)

 Jamie Smart for his graphic art

Sarah Weigel for introducing me to and teaching me Mizuhiki

 Veronique Maria for the professional mentoring I’ve received (

Melanie Hendricks for proposing and pursuing the idea of a film of the project

My mum and to all those others who have encouraged, supported and aided me with the research and the stages of making.