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The Talking Wardrobe

has a story telling soul


The Talking Wardrobe - a research project run by The House of Embroidered Paper

The Talking Wardrobe website is a platform for collecting & recording stories related to garments worn & remembered.

The aim of The Talking Wardrobe is to:

i) form a community archive of stories about items otherwise shut away from public view in personal wardrobes & memories

ii) allow everyone the potential of seeing a story from their own life archived communally (&/or possibly influencing art/paper garments)

iii) collate a resource of text and picture based images that might be used as inspiration by The House of Embroidered Paper in order to design new garments and thereby new collections.

Whatever our age or background we all collect items of clothing and some become invested with particular associations.

A uniform, a wedding outfit, a little black dress, a beloved jacket, a skirt that's saved for best, a handmade garment, a gift. After being worn just once or twice clothes have memory woven through their fabric as surely as if it were the warp or the weft.

Pieces once worn have come to be referred as Vintage fashion but we can all tell a story from our own life by beginning:

"What I wore when..."

The public appeal for images of garments once worn (+ their accompanying stories) grew out of a project completed with eight of the residents of Danny House, Sussex, all of whom are in their 70's, 80's and 90's. They form the first 8 contributors below.


For more information of the Maison de Papier project at Danny House please click here:

If you would like to share photographs and accompanying written recollections that involve your remembered relationship with fashion please use the contact form below.

Your contribution will add to a social history store displaying the associations people have & have had over time with items of fashion; it may also inspire a work of art.

Memories that have been inherited are welcome as are stories about garments that have been passed down.

If sharing the story of someone else (a relative or friend) who is still alive please ask their permission.


Together we make (social) history!


It's easy to take part, please use the form or email the above address, following these steps:

Step 1. getting in touch,

provide a brief overview of the garment(s) that have a story/memory linked to them & provide your contact details.

Step 2. response,

we'll work out the best way of having a chat about the items, in person or via email, phone, skype.

Step 3. the write up,

once the write up is complete, you'll be able to check it. Only when you confirm all the details are correct will it be put on with any accompanying pictures you provide or that I've arranged with you to take of the garment(s). Images are helpful but are not a prerequisite to sharing. If necessary we'll arrange a follow up conversation.

Step 4. website,

your story will be presented on its own page.

Step 5. have a look,

you'll be informed when your story is online and again at a future date if you're story directly inspires a work of art/paper garment (please note: there is no guarantee of this, but you never know!).

Step 6. visit

you will be invited to the Private View of any exhibition that includes the work of art your life-story has inspired.


Success! Message received.

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