Bath Fashion Museum - Bodices and underwear

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

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As was the case in my last post all of these wonderful images, though taken by me when I visited, are accredited to Fashion Museum Bath.

After viewing dresses in the store I moved onto bodices such as this one:

Object number: BATMC 1.03.7 date range of creation: 1803- 1807

A beautiful gown with a longsleeve bodice. Cream net appliaued in muslin in a leaf design in a silk material

Technique: woven (net), woven (satin), woven (muslin)

Applied (bobbles) Applique, rouleaux.

And these:

BATMC 1.13.120

A Spencer, possibly worn with a bodice and underbodice in cream silk

Production date 1808.

Material silk. Technique woven (satin)

And this: (oh the craftsmanship, the embroidery!)

There was even a bodice that almost looked more like a modern day bra.

BATMC 1.03.21 Creation date 1806-1810,

In silk material.

Technique woven (taffeta). Applied (braid). Silk material with cotton technique, net applied.