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Dress is so much a part of life that its cultural significance is often overlooked. Any item of apparel has much to reveal about the time and place of its creation, and the unique forces that gave it shape and substance.”

- p8 The Dress Detective by Ingrid Mida and Alexandra Kim

The Hidden Wardrobe - a research project run by The House of Embroidered Paper

The Hidden Wardrobe website is a platform for recording imagery, text and audio concerning rarely seen historical garments held in private collections and museum stores.

Each garment recorded here has been viewed as part of a research visit conducted by The House of Embroidered Paper to the ends of informing its latest collection.

The House of Embroidered Paper is a unique fashion house - fine art studio. Every garment it creates is formed entirely from paper and thread; each is a piece of contemporary paper textiles. Collections are woven through with the fashion centred stories and memories of individuals, unknown details of social history and responses to our collective sense of place, space and the natural environment.

The House of Embroidered Paper was established by the fine artist Stephanie Smart in 2017 following the exhibition of her collection entitled: Maison de Papier

​To read more about The House of Embroidered Paper please click here​

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